Companies House Connector

Out-of-the-box integration that allows you to access, gather, and retrieve verified data from the Companies House agency, and lets you filter and transform said data into a proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis. The Companies House Connector can be added to a digital journey to help simplify the search process. The retrieved information is split into specific categories related to the company’s profile and employees, but also allows you to view employees that have been disqualified due to misconduct.

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Connectors are simple, data point connections to external Saas providers, that are used to enrich internal customer data to help in onboarding and risk decision scenarios. API Connectors gather data from a collection of REST APIs with the purpose of merging them into a cloud-based data storage system. This process gives the possibility of filtering and transforming data into a proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.
FintechOS offers users the possibility to access different databases with the aim of moving data around by using API connectors. They can be used but are not limited to business banking or insurance scenarios, such as SME Onboarding, SME Lending, automatically fill-in company data, and so on.

Companies House is an UK government agency that incorporates and dissolves limited companies. The companies’ information is examined, registered, and made available to the public to provide easy access to structured and accurate data. When accessed from a digital journey, the Companies House connector offers a fully digital seamless way for bank clerks to collect data from multiple systems. It can be further enhanced via FintechOS Studio adapting it to business requirements. The result is a fully functional and personalized searching tool that collects the needed information in a few steps.

Business Pain Points

The Companies House connector is aimed at resolving some of the pain points when requiring quick access to public records:

  • searching for company data is time consuming
  • requires verified and structured information
  • little time to analyze the data found

Key features

Once integrated in a digital journey, the Companies House connector solves these pain points by offering a fully digital seamless way for users to collect data from multiple systems.

  • Easy to use. Bank clerks can easily add it to a digital journey and simply the process has only a few steps with instructions to easily navigate.
  • Time-efficient. Data no longer needs to be added manually.
  • The retrieved information is verified and structured into categories.

The FintechOS Companies House connector offers the possibility of accessing and retrieving company information from the UK government site Companies House. The FintechOS Companies House Connector simplifies the incorporation process by allowing users to easily add it to their digital journey. Once integrated to the digital journey, the API connector calls a number of REST APIs in order to retrieve the following data:

  • The company profile, that stores information such as company number and status, the registered office address, company type, and the date it was incorporated on. For more details, see the Company Profile section.
  • The officers that work for the company and the penalties that they received. Disqualified officer data is also retrieved. For more details, see the Officers section.
  • The insolvency status that shows whether the company has ceased trading, is insolvent, or dissolved. For more details, see the Insolvency section.
  • The charges created by the company and registered in public records. For more details, see the Charges section.
  • The filing history of a company, including directors’ names and service addresses, and other business activity. For more details, see the Filing History section.
  • The audit exemptions and the details regarding it. For more details, see the Exemptions section.
  • A company’s UK establishment. For more details, see UK Establishments section.
  • Details regarding persons with significant control (PSC). For more details, see the Persons with Significant Control section.
  • Details regarding the statements of the persons with significant control (PSC). For more details, see the Persons with Significant Control Statements section.

More details here.

  1. Obtain the Companies House API key. Additional information can be found on the Companies House Authorisation page.
  2. FintechOS environment and above with the Studio, Portal and B2C Portal configured. For details on B2C, see Setting B2C Environment.
  3. Configure the JobServer.

Companies House Connector

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Published on 26 October 2021 by FintechOS

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