Liveness Detection powered by Facetec

Enable a 100% self-service digital onboarding or origination journey for your customers by integrating liveness detection into your eKYC process.

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Integrate Liveness detection embedded technology in your onboarding processes to offer customers a 100% digital, paperless journey while avoiding fraud attempts. The Facetec Liveness component is a unique part of the face recognition technology, which provides enhanced security to client data through an intricate face scanning algorithm.

This component is able to detect a human being through a camera, which can be from a smart-phone, webcam, or any other sort or integrated or third-party device. This is done without the need of any additional sensors, and can provide a useful layer of security in multiple journeys for identifying a person and providing fraud.

Key Features:

  • Unable to be used for phishing attempts
  • Prevents credential sharing
  • Prevents Botnet Attacks
  • 1:1 Match at 1/12.8M FAR.
  • 1:N De-duplicate up to 1/128M FAR.
  • Match 2D Photos up to 1/950,000 FAR.
  • Provide Anonymous Age Checks.

The process is unique by detecting the face of a human being with the use of a camera either smart-phone, webcam or any incorporated camera without the need for sensors or additional peculiarities. It is most useful in the identification of a real individual. With such a unique way to determine real faces from photographs, Liveness can be used in multiple journeys when the identification of a client is mandatory for approval. It aids the institution to avoid fraud, and process the clients in an efficient way. Customer identification is the first step in any process before opening a contract.

The detection is done by a complex process with four dimensions, X & Y and time to capture multiple 2D frames over a specific time spam. Lastly, with the use of AI to recreate a 3D representation of the person. The process involves capturing the 30-90 frontal frames to render a 3D object using a camera. It has a Certified Liveness Check (ISO 30107-3, DEA EPCS) as well.

Liveness feature is not a selfie, but a video that takes pictures of a human face from different angles to ensure an exact build of a 3D FaceMap. The algorithms pay attention to human features and how they are presented and ask the person to move closer to the camera to take further photos to confirm the presence of a human being.

Check out the complete documentation on how to install and start using the Liveness automation process into your digital journeys on FintechOS Documentation site here.

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