Anonymization Module Component

Component configured to transform or alter any data in order to prevent the identification of a particular individual .

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The anonymization module can be configured to transform any client data into information that cannot lead to the identification of the said individual. The module could be used either on a particular individual, or as a job server to anonymize all data that meets specific business requirements.


Key Features

  • Modular component that can be used
  • No additional implementation required after installation
  • Can be used on any type of data and on any DB schemas
  • Customization can be done using only the interface

The module can be installed by importing a deployment package, that contains all the necessary components for anonymization of predefined individuals. To use the feature allowing the transformation of data at predefined intervals of time, the environment must have a job server set up.

To identify the individual for which the information should be anonymized, the user must first select the entity which contains the client identification information (name, PIN, etc.). Based on the entity selected, the page displays a list of all the attributes. The user must check the attributed that contains the data for the transformation and select the type of information stored, based on the business requirements.

The types of information can be:

  1. PIN
  2. Name
  3. Surname
  4. Full Name
  5. Address
  6. Age

For each type of information, the data can be replaced by the value null, or transformed by using different algorithms.

For PIN, the number could be changed to contain only the gender and date of birth, and the rest of the information replaced by zeros or another number that will be stored as a parameter and can be changed based on business requirements. Any information that contains text can be transformed into a string inputted by the user.

If the data is stored in different entities in the database, after the user selected the root entity, a view will appear with related entities that can be checked. After selecting any related entity, its attributes appear below, that have the same functionalities as the one above.

FintechOS Studio version 20.1 or later

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