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Buy Now, Pay Later

Launch your BNPL product in less than 3 months with a plug & play solution to effectively compete in a challenging, fast-growing context.

Front Office Dashboard

Redesigned experience for all users using this unique dashboard that aggregates data to be viewed at a glance such as performance, calendar, banking products, and exchange rates for currencies.

Help Center

Integrate Help Centre capability in dedicated business processes to ensure a 100% digital experience and offer customers support when they most need it.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator grants users instant calculations for two questions, the products a potential customer is eligible for and the cost of the mortgage.

Decision in Principle for Mortgage

DIP For Mortgage accelerator gives an instant decision in principle to retail customers looking for a mortgage.

Experian Connector

The FintechOS Experian Connector offers the possibility of accessing and retrieving credit data from the Experian platform.

Siwalu Connector

Siwalu Connector is an AI-based image recognition application that allows pet owners to easily predict their pet’s breed based on a picture.

SME Mobile Lending

SME Mobile Lending allows companies to apply for a loan, and receive the answer from the financial institution within a few minutes. Completely self-service for simple financing needs.

Dun & Bradstreet Connector

The Dun and Bradstreet Connector allows you to access and retrieve company information. It examines and stores company information such as general company information, credit reports, and other analysis.

SendGrid Email

An email delivery component that solves the challenge of email delivery.