FintechOS Onfido processor

How do you verify real people in the digital world? With Onfido, your customers can prove their identities, wherever they are, with just an ID and their face. Backed by the power of world-leading AI, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business securely.

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With FintechOS embedded Onfido processor you can make identity verification for AML and KYC compliance work for you.

Meet regulatory obligations and delight your customers

You don’t need to compromise on user experience to meet the identity verification requirements of KYC and AML regulations.

Balance both priorities with user-centric design, adding extra smoothness to areas where you need to ask your customers for more data to verify their identity. For example, FintechOS’ embedded Onfido processor includes glare and blur detection, which give real-time feedback to help users submit only high-quality pictures for document verification. The OCR Autofill extracts data from customers’ identity documents and uses it to automatically prefill the sign-up form, so they don’t even need to type. Make it a simple, frictionless experience for your customers.

Key benefits:

  • Meet regulatory obligations and delight your customers

  • A risk-based approach that fits your KYC IDV requirements

  • Reduce operational costs—and scale up faster than ever

The solution verifies the identity of a customer by scanning an ID (its front and back) to authenticate the document, it declares if the ID is genuine or fraudulent. Furthermore, it compares the ID document with a photo for the customer using AI and human experts to analyze biometric data points. The system compares the two and confirms or denies the identity.

Check out our step-by-step guide how you can enable FintechOS Onfido processor on any digital journey to create an easier, safer or more efficient digital onboarding journey here.

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