Notification and Internal Communication Component

A modular component which can be integrated in any user journey, providing an easy and customizable way to send internal notifications.

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The notification module can be configured to display messages/warnings/notifications on the home page. The messages can be customized for different roles, depending on the communication requirements.

Key Features

  • Modular component that can be used in any user journey
  • Easy to set-up and configure
  • Messages can be customized per user roles, business units & periods of time
  • Message configuration can be done using only the interface and can be restricted to specific roles or users
  • Setting up a message and all required parameters and pushing it to all users can be done with just a few clicks

The component can be installed by importing a deployment package, containing the elements required (entity, dashboard, widget, menu items)

The messages configuration page can be accessed from the menu items and can be restricted according to the security requirements of the company (i.e. only users with marketing role can access this section). The parameters that can be configured for a notification are:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Text message
  4. Role (multiple selection is allowed)
  5. Business Unit (multiple selection is allowed)

Multiple roles and business units can be selected for a specific message. The configuration allows for overlapping time periods and messages, so that multiple messages can be displayed at any given time for a certain audience.


FintechOS Studio/Portal version 18.x.x or later

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