Retail Single Customer View

Dedicated to retail customers only, this digital journey collects, aggregates, and processes customer data. It is used by bank employees to register information they have about a customer, such as a person’s identification document card series or the issue date of the identification document. It is an efficient way to organize customer information for bank records.

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This solution aims to collect data from a customer to be saved in the database for all kinds of future usages of it. It collects, verifies, and processes customers’ personal information in order to have easy access to the customer’s profile and accelerate the onboarding process.

The technological speedup allows now the digital gathering of data without the need of writing on paper to declare personal information. FintechOS proposes a solution to 100% digitalize the concept of Know Your Customer and more. In order to cut down on the time spent on writing, to save the environment, and produce less waste, this process is done online.

Key features:

  • Adding customers into the database,
  • Intuitive design,
  • Data is accessible to the bank employees with security rights to view the list of customers and their data,
  • Data is organized depending on the type of information declared,
  • Data can be deleted to make sure that the bank achieves the implementation of the GDPR requirements.

Filling in the Single Customer View is the first stage of the customer journey once they begin using a banking product or service. To acquire a current account or a credit card, requires informing the bank of the customer’s identity and additional data depending on the type of product needed.

There are two sections that need to be filled in order to complete the onboarding process:

  • Personal Data
  • Additional Personal Data.

The data collected into the entities is personal information, data about the identification document, and address of residence.

The solution has to streams:

The first stream is the process of inserting a new customer and the second is the process of displaying and modifying existing cutsomers’ data.

The complete documentation is available here.


Install the package from the App Store on an environment FintechOS platform version V20.1.2 or higher. Install and configure the GenieSysPacks Professional Banking package.


Version 3.1

Published on 21 October 2021 by FintechOS

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