Single Customer View (Wealth)

This digital journey collects, aggregates, and processes customer data. It is used by bank employees to register information they have about a customer, such as a person’s identification document card series or the issue date of an identification document. It is an efficient way to organize customer data for bank records.

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The Single Customer View (Wealth) contains 5 steps that collect data regarding a particular small-medium enterprise. The process is client-focused and customizable for any business requirement that may arise with time.

The first step contains the dashboard to which a file is attached such as a photograph, a contact person, the name of the SME, and basic, elementary details about the SME have to be filled in.

The second step contains the financial overview collecting details such as reporting currency, annual turnover currency, total assets currency, number of employees, and fiscal residence. Most of these attributes are options set to speed up the process of filling in the details. Followed by a KYC page, the digital journey collects details about the representative.

In step 4, the documents are listed. It is possible to add other steps which can collect data such as balance sheets, list of products and services, partners and suppliers, audit records, and other relevant data for an SME.

FintechOS Professional Banking Installed, v20.1.2 at least.


Version 21.1.6000

Published on 20 October 2021 by FintechOS

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