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Modular component that can be used in various digital journeys by offering an easy way for customers and clients to select a product from a list of available ones.

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The Starting Page business component is designed as a first step within a digital journey, as it offers a screen for displaying multiple bundled active products part of the same category. For example the Mortgage Loan Origination(Assisted and Unassisted) digital journey, this business component was configured to offer access to three active banking products, all belonging to the same category of loans for homes, either for purchasing a ready-made home or building one.modular component that can be used out-of-the-box;

  • can be installed in digital journeys;
  • the implementation time is reduced;
  • comes with pre-configured settings that can be personalized to your business needs;
  • scrips are also included in the package, thus reducing the time needed for adjustments.

This component may be adapted to display a wide range of products, from current accounts to loan products. The UI can be customized, the background image may be changed, as well as the text displayed.

The complete documentation is available here.

The Starting Page business component can be installed on FintechOS Studio 21.1.0 and minor versions, but not on other major versions.


Version 21.1.2000

Published on 21 October 2021 by FintechOS

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