Task Management

Task Management is designed to provide the tools necessary to organize allocation, prioritization, and oversight for workflow operation. Employees are allowed to access and solve issues based on their assigned levels.

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The Task Management automaton processor manages the allocation, prioritization, and oversight for workflows that operate with tasks. Such workflows are procedures that are taken within banks and insurance companies, usually when it involves verification on applications or contracts. However, it can be implemented in more situations where the management of tasks is required.

Task Management automatically defines queues based on several criteria and assigns such tasks to certain operators from the back-office, based on their competence levels. This is all configured once within the journey and done automatically every time an application from a customer (that matches the criteria) is received in the system. Task Management is versatile, it can be used in a number of scenarios depending on your company’s business needs.

It includes:

  • an Admin Menu for defining queues, operators, competence levels, filters, and profiles,
  • the main Dashboard for operators to use and manage their tasks.

By first creating the queues to determine what applications are directed to an operator and the filters to sieve between requests, only the right candidates are engaged with an operator.

The context in which Task Management is used is during the loan application journey, for example, when the applicant is found within the bank’s risk list, a series of verifications need to be done, sometimes by several individuals from the bank’s compliance department. The definition of queues is done mechanically based on several criteria. Tasks are directed to certain operators, based on their competence levels.

The complete documentation is available here.

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Published on 20 October 2021 by FintechOS

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