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Dun & Bradstreet Connector

The Dun and Bradstreet Connector allows you to access and retrieve company information. It examines and stores company information such as general company information, credit reports, and other analysis.

SendGrid Email

An email delivery component that solves the challenge of email delivery.

Vonage SMS

A notification component meant to ease digital journeys through seamless SMS notifications, appointments, as well as two-factor authentication solutions.

Vonage Video Call

A video streaming component that makes it easy to build a custom video experience between client and customer, regardless of the platform used by the parties.

FintechOS Onfido processor

How do you verify real people in the digital world? With Onfido, your customers can prove their identities, wherever they are, with just an ID and their face. Backed by the power of world-leading AI, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business securely.

Online and Mobile Banking

Check out the online banking solution powered by FintechOS, which allows individual and business customers to self-serve and manage their financial products (current accounts, loans, savings, deposits), make payments, access instantly new products, and get their bank statements. It also seamlessly integrates with your core banking solution.

Notification and Internal Communication Component

A modular component which can be integrated in any user journey, providing an easy and customizable way to send internal notifications.

Billing and Collection

Process insurance premium payments (including payment returns and partially allocated payments) and allocate them to the corresponding insurance policies.

Claims Admin

Claims Admin allows you to process insurance claims by collecting the claim’s data, validating it, approving it, and evaluating and issuing the claim payments in accordance with the insurance policy’s coverage.

Policy Admin

Policy Admin is designed to allow you to manage all aspects of the typical policy lifecycle including issue, suspension, mid-term adjustments, lapses, maturity, renewal, cancellation and changing payment method.